Perplexus Rebel


Enhance your problem solving skills with Perplexus Rebel, the 3-D maze game where players maneuver a small marble along the numbered track through

Spin Master Games Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze Game & 70 Obstacles

Perplexus Rebel Maze Puzzler

STL file Perplexus Rebel outer ring ūüíć„ÉĽ3D printable model to download„ÉĽCults

Spin Master Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze Game with 70 Obstacles - Multicolo ‚Äď

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Flip, twist and spin your way through 70 challenging obstacles with Perplexus Rebel! Put your skills to the test with this exciting 3D maze. Turn Perplexus Rebel 360 degrees to navigate the ball along the numbered track. Maneuver tricky obstacles like the igloo, terrible tube and scary stairs without falling off the track! If your ball falls, head back to the start and try again.

Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze Game

A new outer ring if the ball needed to be opened, You need 6 Screws M3x6, The holes for M3 are 2,7mm, are so the thread cuts itself., In the places

Perplexus Rebel outer ring

Perplexus Rebel - Speedrun Any% - [0,562s] - 60fps

Spin Master Perplexus Rebel 3D Maze Game ‚ÄĒ Toycra

Perplexus Rebel : Everything Else

Acrylic Puzzle Funskool Perplexus Rebel, 3D Maze Game at Rs 900/piece in Agra

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