Pelota Medicinal Athletic Works WMW-127


Pelota Medicinal 9 Kg

Pelota Medicinal Athletic Works WMW-127

Athletic Works Medicine Exercise Ball, 12lb Weighted Ball, Rubber

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Pelota Athletic Works WMW-0071-10KG

Pelotas medicinales blandas para entrenamiento de balón medicinal, 10 lb/4.5 kg, pelota de entrenamiento de equilibrio de cuero artificial, adecuada para entrenamiento de potencia explosiva : Deportes y Actividades al Aire

Helps improve balance, flexibility, and overall coordination. Lightweight, slip-resistant PVC is durable and gentle on your skin. Can be used as an exercise option or as alternative desk seating during work hours to improve. Designed to deflate slowly if punctured. Features embossed illustrations of the most popular ball exercises to allow you to practice them. Sized for heights 5'3 inch and 5'10 inch. Air pump included.

Athletic Works 65cm Yoga Ball Purple, Anti-Burst, Exercises Poses Embossed

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Medicine Balls for sale in Saltillo, Mexico, Facebook Marketplace

Athletic Works 65cm Yoga Ball, Anti-Burst, Exercises Poses Embossed

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Pelota Athletic Works WMW-0071-5KG

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